How we work

Our approach

At Green Juniper we don’t roll out standard models or approaches. We design bespoke solutions for you. We’ll apply all our organisation development skills to your challenges, producing solutions that work for you.

Our rough flow of work is:

  1. We listen hard – to your leaders, your SMEs, your people in their glorious diversity.
  2. We create options – generating different options to meet your goals.
  3. We test – we think of how people will feel, how they’ll act, what can help them and what will stop them. We’ll design solutions to address all of these.
  4. We involve. People own change when they’ve create it – we’ve got methods to involve your people.
  5. We embed – we apply psychology to create approaches to introduction, generating momentum and embedding change.

Our areas of focus:

Purpose-led organisations are more successful. And those organisations have a culture where everyone is chasing that purpose.

We can work with you to identify, shape and embed your purpose. We can help you create better purpose-culture alignment. And we can help you embed your goals throughout all of your people practices.

And we do this with a view to driving superior organisational performance.

Performance management is one of very few processes that impacts every single person in the organisation. For many organisations it is hugely underpowered.

We can work with you to create performance approaches that raise performance levels, improve engagement, improve psychological wellbeing, improve connection between your people and strengthen your culture.

And we do this because when people perform better, organisations deliver more.

We see the team as the core unit for performance. A good team is greater than the sum of its parts, and a good organisation is greater than the sum of its teams.

We see team leadership as the critical ingredient here – helping individuals work well, gel together and combine across the business.

We can work with you to get teams working better and to help leaders at every level focus on the most impactful leadership activities.

The pandemic has made every organisation look at the future of work. It’s created the need and opportunity to test old ways of doing things.

Ways of working can either make your colleagues, teams and organisation more effective, or they can create a load of waste.

We can work with you to shape practices that give you the best chance of success in the new world.

While the formal people deal may have stayed the same, the practical deal has changed massively with the pandemic.

Some policies and people practices won’t be as effective now as they were in 2019.

We can help you to review your overall people deal, shape the offering and help your specialists in HR to get aligned.