Welcome to Green Juniper

We are a People Advisory Consultancy, here to make work brilliant.

When work is brilliant people can work at their best (and keep getting better), they form strong teams, and come together in a high-performing organisation. Everyone benefits!

Right now, this needs more attention than ever. Covid has changed the world, and will continue to do so. The pandemic has left physical, social and psychological scars. Life and work are more digital, businesses have evolved, families have moved on. While people have coped and adapted, organisations haven’t really thought about how to organise for the future – and that’s where we can help.

We’re coming out of organisations where we’ve wrestled with big changes. We’ve introduced really progress people practice, and embedded the changes. We can do thought leadership and we can do pragmatic solutions. We don’t admire problems, we get started on fixing them.

We’re pretty thoughtful in our approaches, gathering ideas and insight and applying them to the world of work. With that in mind, this site shares how we work as well as how we think. It’s also worth saying this is kind of a “beta” site – as part of our curiosity we’re learning how to develop websites.